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Khermen Tsav-Mars on the Earth - 14 Days

Khermen Tsav-Mars on the Earth

The Khermen Tsav is a canyon, ~10km long, 100-200 meter deep which is located in Gurvan Tes sub-province of the Umnugobi province. The canyon is crated due to the Sun, Wind and Water’s friction for long time. Khermen Tsav is a one of the beautiful oasis of Ingen Khuuvur valley therefore the number of tourists
willing to see the place is increasing year by year. The Khermen Tsav was a home place of dinosaurs. Mongolian and Russian archeologists first found dinosaur, mammal, birds, insect, turtles, crocodiles, and variety of plants in 1969. Afterwards archeologists working in this region every year and find lots of new items to reveal ancient nature. Most of people want to step on the Moon or Mars. This trip will closely simulate the imagination that you have visited the Moon. During the trip you will also see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands and the most of the tourist have chances to see reptiles, wild asses, ibexes, wolfs, camels, mountain sheep and gazelles and different types of flora.

Day 1
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar - Terelj National Park

Day 2
Day 2: Terelj-Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Day 3
Day 3: Baga Gazariin –Tsagaan Suvarga

Day 4
Day 4: Tsagaan suwarga –Yoliin am

Day 5
Day 5: Yoliin am-Noyon uul

Day 6
Day 6: Noyon Mountain-Khermen tsav

Day 7
Day 7: Khermen Tsav – Khongor sand dunes

Day 8
Day 8: Over day in Khongor sand dunes

Day 9
Day 9: Khongor sand dunes- Bayanzag.

Day 10
Day 10: Bayanzag- Ongi Monastery

Day 11
Day 11: Ongi monastery – Orkhon Waterfall

Day 12
Day 12: Orkhon Waterfall –Kharkhorin Erdene Zuu

Day 13
Day 13: Kharhorin Erdenezuu –Ulaanbaatar city

Day 14
Day 14: Departure from ulaanbaatar city

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