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Golden Gobi Beauty Tour - 12 Days

Golden Gobi Beauty Tour

The tour highlights are the most scenic and attractive natural wonders of the Gobi and central Mongolia, staying with nomads and discovering the nomadic life style could be very rewarding and an eye-opening experience. When you take this tour, you will learn a lot about nomadic life and can discover more about yourself in a completely different world. Just to specify few of the experiences; unlimited horseback riding for your enjoyment or herd animals, see how Mongolian traditional dwelling ger will be assembled, learn to cook traditional meals, cookies and dairy products, play traditional games .Activities that included in package such as hiking and trekking in isolated areas, horse riding, Bactrian Camel riding, surfing in sand dunes, boating, visiting nomadic families, ancient temples, and museums, and driving by vacant rough roads will leave the most memorable experience in Mongolia.

Day 1
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar-Terelj national park

Day 2
Day 2: Terelj, Chinggis Khaan statue

Day 3
Day 3: Terelj- Khustai national park, see Takhi /Asian wild horse/

Day 4
Day 4: Hustai-Erdenezuu, Kharkhorin

Day 5
Day 5: Erdenezuu,Kharhorin-Elsentasarhai sand dunes

Day 6
Day 6: Elsentasarhai sand dunes-Ongi Monastery

Day 7
Day 7: Ongi- Bayanzag

Day 8
Day 8:Bayanzag- Khongor sand dunes

Day 9
Day 9: Khongor sand dunes-Yol am-Eagle valley

Day 10
Day 10: White stupa - Tsagaan suvarga and back to Ulaanbaatar

Day 11
Day 11: During Ulaanbaatar city

Day 12
Day 12: Departure from Ulaanbaatar city

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Total $ 1,839 USD